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Mark Taylor

Founder and CEO of Smile Sharing

The visionary and mastermind behind the Smile Sharing Portal is Mark Taylor; he is a family man with a successful career as a I.T. Consultant, delivering high level services to clients all around the world.

Mark admits that growing up he made a lot of mistakes but he recovered by refusing to accept the status quo. Mark’s simple philosophy on life is this, ‘Find your most successful day and repeat it every day’. Mark believes that happiness is a choice and that when you wake up in the morning and there is the existence of life and good health, these are reasons alone to be happy.

With this in mind, Mark chose to make those essential decisions that life requires of us at times to bring about those key positive changes that would not only benefit him as an individual but his family, his friends and anyone that called on him for help. Mark having realised how he can use his success to help others to achieve their goals and make progress in their own lives, decided to expand his reach through the Smile Sharing website. Mark developed the Site as a means to widen his philanthropic activities to benefit wider audiences and to encourage giving back and sharing across Canadian Communities and beyond. "his (vision) for Smile Sharing is simple." To provide a resource that is a one stop shop for community champions, people who are "community mothers, people who are agents of change, advocates of the poor and the lonely which allows them to realise their desire to continue their positive work in and for their local communities."