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"The panel has been established to ensure that goals and objectives of the Smile Sharing initiative are met, and that all work done by Smile Sharing is current, relevant and effective."

Members include:

Mide Akerewusi

"Mide Akerewusi is Director of Leadership Philanthropy at Pathways to Education. His role as a fundraiser involves building collaborative and mutually rewarding relationships with Corporations, Foundations and High-Net-Worth individuals in support of Pathways to Education."

Mide has worked with Pathways for over three years. He enjoys the opportunity to connect with Pathways students and alumni, as well as raising awareness about Pathways' great work across Canada. Mide is passionate about social impact, particularly youth, education and employment issues. He was born and raised in London, England and moved to Toronto with his family in 2008.

Pamela E B Grant

Pamela is a seasoned executive leader and community advocate with an eclectic professional and volunteer background. Her career spans over 35 years in a diversity of leadership roles in the private, public and social service sectors.

She is known for her expertise in and passion for transforming systems, through collaboration and partnerships, to bring about positive outcomes for racialized communities, women, youth, newcomers and other equity-seeking groups.

Pamela lives in Toronto with her husband, Carl. They are the proud parents of Daniel (28) and Gillian (23). When not pursuing new career challenges or volunteer opportunities, Pamela enjoys time with her family, actively pursuing the arts and her commitment to travelling the world.