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The Seven Principles of Smile Sharing

Smile Sharing involves the following set of key principles that provide the framework for its core values and beliefs:

1. Citizenship
People have a sense of belonging within their immediate communities, and in society in general, and want to participate and contribute.

2. Sharing
Everyone has something to give, whether it’s donating books to a homeless shelter, money to charity, or their skills and time to help others.

3. Social Enterprise
People understand the needs of their neighbourhoods best and that they can use these talents to meet their own needs as well as the needs of others.

4. Helping
People want to help and will, when you inform, inspire and resource them to make a difference.

5. Change
Change is inevitable, but with planning and shared ideas we can make meaningful and lasting change for the positive rather than for the negative.

6. Community Organising
When people figure out their ‘common self-interest’ they can work
together to achieve it.

7. Inclusion
By developing communities that provide a welcoming and supportive environment .