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1:- Greater Highway Summer Camp 2014 (Etobicoke)

2:- Arrindell Family Community and Family Picnic (Downsview)

3:- Louise Arbor School (Brampton)

4:- Lincoln Alexander Secondary School (Malton)

A Message to Smile Sharing:

I'm delighted to share with you the evolution of our Family Picnic. Estelle, the family matriarch while bringing up 6 children herself, has sponsored and or helped numerous people settle in Canada over the past 40 years. At our family holidays we never seemed able to get them all together - but once a year we tried our best to do so. Twenty four years ago mom took our Canadian family, friends and other family members visiting from England for a picnic in the park and it’s been an annual tradition ever since. In 2015, it will be our 25th anniversary at Downsview Dells Park .

This gathering now represents four generations, for some of us five of experiencing this annual celebration of food, fun, fellowship and laughter. It's a wonderful life, and we are glad Smile Sharing was here to share it with us. Thanks to Smile Sharing for their support and partnership. We look forward to sharing the rest of the journey with all of our families and friends and you.