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Louise Arbour Boys Club

In October of 2014 Smile Sharing began working with schools in the GTA .  One of the schools it supports is Louise Arbour Boys Club (LASS). The club was started in September 2010 with 15 students on the register and 4 teachers. The club has since grown to 65 registered students (with an average attendance of 50 per week) and ten adults from within the school and the wider community. The club has been given invaluable support from a range of community leaders like Dr. Anthony Sterling, Pinball Clemens Foundation, and Ahead of the Game. 


The vision of the Louise Arbour Boys’ Club is to equip our boys for leadership through mentorship from teachers, community leaders and their peers. The boys have been given opportunities to shine as leaders.  They have successfully mentored other students from the Lougheed Middle School. The program with Lougheed resumes in the  Autumn 2015; students are presently being trained to take on this leadership again.


Last year two of our graduating boys from the LASS program were given bursaries to attend post-secondary education. In 2015, they hope to give out more bursaries to this year’s graduating class. The success of this program comes from all the support it receives from the school’s  administration team, community leaders and now Smile Sharing who has given 43 tickets to the club for the students showing the most improvement in their grades to attend the Raptors vs. Cleveland game on March 4th, 2015. This is something that the students and mentors are very excited about. Thanks Mark!!!!!!!!


We are looking forward to continued support from our community leaders as they help to equip, empower and change the thoughts of our youth.


V. Keldo-Mcdonald

School Guidance Counsellor

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