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The Science of a Smile


You may not know it but there is real science behind the art of smiling. Smiling isn’t just for pictures or for attracting the opposite sex. It can actually help you live a more healthy, positive and successful life. It doesn’t take much to smile but the rewards can be numerous.

In a study still underway scientist from the University of Kansas investigating the potential benefits of smiling say their findings show that smiling during brief stressors can help to reduce the intensity of the body’s stress response, regardless of whether a person actually feels happy. In fact, the research even suggests that smiling while in the midst a stressful task can help your brain and body recover from the stress more quickly afterward. Smiling can also just make you feel good as it releases feel-good endorphins,

Here are some potential benefits of smiling

  • Smiling can boost your Immune System - When you smile, your immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed.

  • Smiling can lower your Blood Pressure – There is measurable evidence to suggest that smiling can cause a reduction in your blood pressure.

  • Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins – which can be natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these can help us to feel good.

  • Smiling can be a natural facelift - the muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger.

  • Smiling people appear more confident to others – they are also more likely to be promoted, and more likely to be approached. Put on a smile at meetings and people will respond to you differently.

  • Smiling can help you stay positive - when we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that "Life is Good!" You can help yourself stay away from depression, stress and worry by just smiling.

Why not improve your life as well as the lives as others but sharing a smile every day. Plus, when you smile you cause others to smile and allow them to benefit from sharing a smile too.